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SGWASA Board Member Recognition

The South Granville Water & Sewer Authority (SGWASA) dedicated a segment of the July Board meeting to recognize the leadership and service of former Board members Councilperson Bill McKellar and Mayor Linda Jordon.

Both were acknowledged for their commitment, contributions, and service to the Board, SGWASA, and Granville County. Their leadership and work were instrumental in supporting various infrastructure projects and organizational objectives. 

Learn more about SGWASA's current projects in motion by visiting the official site's Engineering page at and the Board Archives at

Commissioner Jimmy Gooch, SGWASA Chair & Former SGWASA Board Member & Councilperson Bill McKellar

Commissioner Robert Way, Former SGWASA Board Member & Finance Committee Chair Mayor Linda Jordon, SGWASA Chair Commissioner Jimmy Gooch, SGWASA Vice-Chair Mayor Pro-Tem Georgana Kincinski, Commissioner Kenneth McLamb, Commissioner Tim Karan

Councilperson McKellar extended his thanks and appreciation for the Board. Mayor Jordon said “It has been a pleasure, and I have enjoyed every minute. I want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of this organization.”

Issued 7/10/24 by the South Granville Water and Sewer Authority 

Krystle Lee, Board Secretary

(919) 575-3367


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