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New Customers

SGWASA offers several options for customers to manage utility service processes. Customers that are comfortable with uploading the required verification documents may complete service applications forms online. 

Do you need assistance or have account questions? Contact our customer support team Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm at (919) 575-3367 or via email at

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New Registration Requirements

  • Notarized Applications are required if you do not have an appointment.

  • Be prepared to submit a copy of your photo ID and social security card or tax ID number; if you are unable to provide this information, a $300 deposit will required.

  • Renters must submit a copy of their signed lease agreement.

  • A check, money order, or personal check is required for deposit and application fees, Normal deposits are $150 and the application fee is $10.

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