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Rate Structure Change

The South Granville Water & Sewer Authority recently announced the Fiscal Year 2023/2024 Billing Rate Structure Change, effective 07/01/23. The following information has been created to help understand the new changes. The most highlighted component of the new billing structure eliminates the minimum 2,000 gallon base rate charge.

Some of the key changes to the water and sewer rates and rate structure are:

  • Base rates for all customers now include zero usage. Previous base rates included the 1st 2000 gallons of usage.

  • Residential (and most non-residential) base rates decrease while volume rates (per 1000 gallons) increase.

  • Residential water volume rates are tiered as reflected in the table below.

  • Non-residential volume rates remain as a single tier. Water $8.23 + Sewer $13.90 = $22.13 per 1000 gallons.

Operating Costs

SGWASA is a public Authority required by N.C. General Statutes to operate as a self-sustaining enterprise fund. This means the cost of operations must be covered by the revenues received from customer fees. SGWASA’s sole

source of operating revenue is from water and wastewater services provided to our customers. General operations include water treatment, water distribution, wastewater collection, wastewater treatment & discharge, administration, billing & collections, maintenance of the system infrastructure, and debt service.

Like other utilities across North Carolina and the US, the costs to operate SGWASA have continued, and will likely continue to increase, due in part to increased costs for materials, supplies, operating expenses, and the need to invest more money into fixing failed or failing infrastructure.

Monthly Base Rates for Residential Customers (3/4” meter size)

The following table shows the approved Base Rates for Residential ( .” meter size). The Combined Base Rate for residential customers decreases $42.20 (49%) from previous rates.

Meter Size


Sanitary Sewer


Residential: Base Rate $/month




Residential: Volume Charge: up to 4000



$21.44 per 1000 gals

Residential: Volume Charge: above 4000




$25.21 per 1000 gals

Service-Related Fees:

Effective 7/1/23, some service-related fees were added, changed, or increased. Please refer to the comprehensive Schedule of Rates and Fees or contact our office at (919) 575-3367.


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