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SDF Policy Draft - Public Comment Request

Updated: Jun 3

The South Granville Water and Sewer Authority (SGWASA) is seeking public comments on proposed changes to System Development Fees (SDF) as mandated by the North Carolina General Assembly's Session Law 2017-138 House Bill 436 (HB 436).

Process for Adoption: To ensure transparency and community involvement, SGWASA has outlined the following steps for the adoption of the SDF Draft Analysis Report and subsequent updates to the SDF:

  1. Public Comment Period: The Draft SDF Analysis Report will be posted on SGWASA’s website for public viewing and comment submission. The public comment period commences upon posting and lasts a minimum of 45 days.

  2. Public Hearing: Following the 45-day comment period, SGWASA will conduct a Public Hearing on the SDF Analysis, considering all received comments for possible revisions or modifications before the Board's adoption.

  3. Board Adoption: The SGWASA Board will consider adoption of the SDF Analysis, either through ordinance or resolution.

  4. Setting SDFs: Upon adoption of the SDF Analysis, SGWASA will proceed to set the SDFs, which will be published in the annual budget or rate plan or by ordinance.

Schedule: The schedule for this process will be determined based on the direction provided by the SGWASA Board of Directors. As per the direction provided at the May 14th, 2024 Board meeting, the proposed schedule is as follows:

  • Week of May 20th: Publish Draft SDF Analysis Report & start 45-day public comment period.

  • Week of July 8th: Close 45-day public comment period.

  • August 13th: Regular Board Meeting – Hold Public Hearing. Consider adoption of new SDFs.

  • September 10th: Regular Board Meeting – Consider adoption of new SDFs (if not approved in August).

Your Participation Is Important: Your feedback helps shape these important decisions. Residents are encouraged to review the Draft SDF Analysis Report and submit comments via the provided means on SGWASA’s website during the public comment period.

Please submit public comments by completing this linked form.

This notice was issued on May 20, 2024 by The South Granville Water and Sewer Authority 

Krystle Lee

PIO/Board Secretary/Webmaster



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