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Technical Information Library:

From sustainable infrastructure to advanced water treatment technologies, SGWASA is committed to engineering a future of excellence. 

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  • What are the benefits of creating a customer profile?
    A utility customer who creates a Customer Profile can view their utility account status and pay utility bills any time on-line.
  • Do I need to create a customer profile to pay my utility bill?
    No, you can pay your utility bill on-line without creating a Customer Profile by using the QuickPay option.
  • Is there a cost associated with paying my utility bill online, through my customer profile or using Quickpay?
    Yes, customers paying utility bills online, through their customer profile or using the QuickPay feature, are assessed a convenience fee. The convenience fee is calculated on the total amount being paid during the transaction. SGWASA does not determine the percentage-based fee and does not receive any portion of the fee.
  • How do I access the online customer service program?
    The program is available via the South Granville Water and Sewer Authority website. Select the 'Pay Bill' button at the top of the webpage.
  • Where can I find instructions on how to use the online customer service portal?
    Click here to explore instructions on the using the Portal, with tips on setting up a customer profile.
  • I noticed that there is a charge to use the online payment service that was not there before. Is there a reason for the change?
    SGWASA previously paid the conveniences fees for customers to use the optional bill payment future. The Authority now uses a third-party vendor to provide the online bill pay service to customers. The third-party vendor charges a convenience fee for each bill pay transaction. SGWASA does not determine the percentage-based convenience fee and does not receive any portion of the fee.
  • I would like to avoid any additional fees. What other payment options are available.
    Customers have the following options to pay their utility bill: Pay electronically using your bank's online bill pay option. SGWASA accepts cash, check, cashier’s check, credit, or debit card payments within our Welcome Center located at 415 Central Avenue, Suite B in Butner NC 27509. Customers may submit payment via check in the drop box located in the South Granville Water & Sewer Authority parking lot. Please remember to include your payment voucher or write your account number, name, service address, and a valid contact telephone number on the envelope to ensure proper posting of your payment. Bank Draft – allows pre-authorized debits from your bank account. By mailing your check to SGWASA at 415 Central Ave., Suite B, Butner NC 27509.
  • Where can I find more information on paying my utility bill via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) method?
    ACH billing procedures are outlined in the instruction section of the 'Customer Draft Authorization' form located on the Customer Service page.
  • Is there a cost to me to set up a Customer Profile?
    There is no cost for you to create a Customer Profile.
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System Development Fee Information 

granville county water scene.jpg

Stem, NC 

Stem, a charming town in North Carolina, directs system development fees towards enhancing infrastructure, such as water and sewer systems, transportation networks, and recreational amenities, fostering a thriving community for its residents and businesses.

Creedmoor, NC 

Creedmoor offers a vibrant canvas for developers. Local officials strongly support the growth and maintenance of the city's infrastructure, including roads, utilities, and public facilities, ensuring sustainable development and quality of life for its residents.

Butner, NC 

Butner is known to be a dynamic community in that actively invests in essential utility advancements, structural improvement, program upgrades, and public safety enhancements - facilitating economic growth and prosperity for residents and businesses alike.

Granville County, NC 

Explore the scenic beauty and rich history Granville County offers. With significant emphasis on infrastructure, including transportation upgrades, water and wastewater system projects, and community services, the county offers a high quality of life for its diverse population.

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