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PFAS Testing & Mitigation

This project implements a comprehensive PFAS testing and mitigation initiative, addressing potential contaminants in water sources. This program aims to safeguard water quality and public health through proactive measures.

Project Status: In Progress On Schedule

The term PFAS describes a class of compounds commonly referred to as “forever chemicals” as they do not break down and remain constant in the environment through the water and land. PFAS can be found in products and materials used regularly by most citizens, such as lotion, wax paper, water bottles, cleaning products, non-stick cookware, floss, and more. See the latest information about PFAS from the US EPA at

Water Purification Treatment

On June 15, 2022, the US EPA announced the new Interim Health Advisory Levels (HAL’s) for PFOA and PFOS. Water utilities, such as SGWASA, are “passive receivers” of PFAS. SGWASA does not produce nor manufacture PFAS. Instead, the PFAS chemicals are present in source waters that are treated to produce drinking water.

At the September 13, 2022 Board of Directors meeting, representatives David Briley, PE and Alex Domrzalski, PE from Hazen provided a presentation entitled: PFAS, What is it? The presentation provided the Board members and the public the opportunity to learn more about PFAS.

In the Fall of 2023, SGWASA received a $5M appropriation (grant) from the state budget for infrastructure upgrades. The grant is being administered by the NCDEQ. Based on the recent information presented by the USEPA regarding the PFAS compliance deadlines, I recommend the $5M grant be allocated to the PFAS compliance program (engineering/construction), thus allowing SGWASA to keep the PFAS removal project compliance schedule on track with the USEPA requirements. The topic of dedicating this grant to the PFAS reduction project will be discussed by the Board of Directors at a future Board meeting.


Similar to other NCDEQ grants, NCDEQ will require certain documents to be completed prior to SGWASA moving forward with this project funding. SGWASA is presently working with CDM-Smith to complete the NCDEQ required forms to move forward with the PFAS Pilot Testing Program project and project funding. Securing the $500K NCDEQ grant will require SGWASA’s Board of Directors to approve a Resolution accepting the terms and conditions of the grant. Furthermore, the SGWASA Board of Directors will also need to approve a contract with CDM-Smith for the PFAS pilot program. The Board of Directors will see these documents at an upcoming Board meeting, possibly as soon as June 2024.

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