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La Autoridad de Agua y Alcantarillado de South Granville (SGWASA) se dedica a brindar servicios de agua y alcantarillado de alta calidad a los residentes y empresas del condado de South Granville.

Budget Background

Antecedentes del presupuesto
El presupuesto anual de la Autoridad de Agua y Alcantarillado de South Granville (SGWASA) fue aprobado por la Junta Directiva de siete miembros de SGWASA en una reunión pública. El presupuesto proporciona el plan financiero para implementar los programas, proyectos y plan de trabajo necesarios de SGWASA para el año fiscal. El año fiscal de SGWASA es del 1 de julio al 30 de junio.

Role of the Budget

SGWASA’s budget serves as the primary tool in allocating financial resources to programs and services. The budget can serve as a policy making tool, a management tool, a financial tool, and a communication tool.  Like other public utilities, SGWASA must balance its resources and programs to meet the ever-changing needs of the communities we serve, a fluctuating economy, and adherence to state and federal water quality rules and regulations.


Budgeting is essentially the process of allocating scarce resources to fund services and projects benefiting the customers within our service area.

  • Link to Previous SGWASA Budget Ordinances and Audits.



FY23-24 Adopted Budget

  • FY23-24 Complete Budget Book

  • FY23-24 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Schedule

FY23-24 Budget Message from Executive Director

FY23-24 Budget Summary:

The Adopted Budget for SGWASA's fiscal year 2023-2024 is balanced, provides sufficient funds to meet the debt obligations of the organization, and provides for the annual operations of the utility systems. The FY23-24 Budget was developed to use no existing fund balance. Key elements of the budget include:


  • Implementation of a new rate structure as approved by the Board of Directors on September 13, 2022. 

    1. water revenue projections were increased by $400,000 compared to FY22-23. 

    2. sewer revenue projections were increased by $650,000 compared to FY22-23.  

  • Capital revenue will fund utility infrastructure asset depreciation at 90%. 

    1. The near-term goal is to increase this value to 100%.

  • Fee categories were reviewed, expanded, and updated as necessary to reflect actual costs of service. 

Payroll & Benefits:

  • No new positions are being added. 

  • A 5% wage schedule adjustment.

  • An average performance merit increase of 3% for employees, based on merit pay ranging from 0%-4%.

  • An increase of 0.75% for Local Government Employees' Retirement System, as required by the State.

  • An increase of 10% to medical and dental premiums, and 5% to vision premiums. 

  • Matching 401k contribution increased to 2%.

Expenses and Capital Outlay:

  • Significant increases in supply costs, fuel costs, and chemical costs due to inflationary factors. 

  • Replacing or purchasing equipment totaling $96,225 and financial software and services totaling $155,000.

  • Scheduled large utility repairs totaling $185,500.

  • Completion of hazardous chemical removal from the water treatment facility totaling $41,500.

  • Includes $2.3 million for depreciation expense, funded at 90%. 

  • Includes $117,843 for annual maintenance agreements on all water towers.

Creating the budget is a team effort. As such, I greatly appreciate the collaborative efforts, input, and discussions with the Finance Committee Members, the SGWASA Board of Directors, and SGWASA’s leadership team, which includes Richard Balmer, Finance Director; Priscilla Adcock, HR Manager, Krystle Lee, PIO & Board Secretary, Cody Norwood, Wastewater Treatment Superintendent; Jonathan Yancey, Water Treatment Superintendent; and Robert Jackson, Distribution & Collections Superintendent.


Scott N.Schroyer

Scott N. Schroyer, Executive Director

Financial Graphs
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