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Where Did My Payment History Go?
1. If you haven’t created a free customer profile on MyGovHub, then please visit https://sgwasa.mygovhub.com/#/  to do so. 2. Once your customer profile is set up, then log into your account. Step 3. Once logged in, you’ll see “Overview” and “Utilities” at the top left portion of your screen, underneath the SGWASA MyGovHUb title. 3. Click on the word “Utilities” and your utility account information will show 4. Once you have clicked on the word “Utilities”, the screen will show your Utility Details, including: Current Bill Details Past Bill Details Billing History Payment History Usage Reports Account Info. 5. Select/Click on any one of the text menus shown above, and you will be able to see your information.
How do I find the Billing History Current Balance?
1. Visit MyGovHub 2. Click on Utilities, then select your address when it comes up. 3. On the Utility Details Screen, select the Billing History Tab. 4. On the Billing History Tab, select View Details. 5. On the Bill Details Tab, select a billing date. 6. Once the billing date is selected, notice the Previous Balance value $$.