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In 2021 SGWASA introduced an enhanced web-based (on-line) customer service program that provides:

  • An enhanced customer experience where you can create a customer profile to view your water/sewer usage, billing, and payment history for your account(s).  
  • The ability to view and print a copy of current or past bills.
  • The capability to pay your utility bill (a convenience fee will be charged for this function).  

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to assist you with the program features. 

Should you have additional questions, then please contact our Customer Service Team Monday thru Friday 8:30am-4:30pm at 919-575-3367 or via email at customerservice@sgwasa.org

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Customer Profile Set Up & Other Information
What are the benefits of creating a Customer Profile?

A utility customer who creates a Customer Profile can view their utility account status any time on-line. 

Additionally, a customer can pay their utility bill on-line. Paying the utility bill on-line incurs a convenience fee. 

Is there a cost to me to set up a Customer Profile?

There is no cost for you to set up a Customer Profile. 

Do I need to create a Customer Profile to pay my utility bill?

No, you can pay your utility bill on-line without creating a Customer Profile by using the QuickPay option.  Paying the utility bill on-line incurs a convenience fee. 

Is there a cost associated to paying my utility bill on-line whether it is through my Customer Profile or with Quickpay?

Yes, customers paying utility bills online (whether thru their customer profile or using the QuickPay feature) are assessed a convenience fee.  

The convenience fee is calculated on the total $$ amount being paid during the transaction. SGWASA does not determine the percentage-based fee and does not receive any portion of the fee.

How do I access the new enhanced web-based (on-line) customer service program?

The program is available on our website www.sgwasa.org Look for the icon on the homepage that indicates: “Customer Portal & Pay Online”.

Where can I find instructions on how to use the new on-line customer service program?

Click Here to see the instructions on setting up and Customer Profile, along with other program feature instructions.  

Why am I being charged a convenience fee now for this service when previously I wasn't?

SGWASA uses a third-party vendor to provide the online bill pay service to customers. The third-party vendor charges a convenience fee for each bill pay transaction. SGWASA does not determine the percentage-based convenience fee and does not receive any portion of the fee. For several years now, SGWASA has paid the convenience fees for all customers who use the optional online bill payment feature.  

Following a review earlier this year of the costs associated to the on-line bill pay program, SGWASA recognized that customers who use the online bill payment program should pay the convenience fee for the service, versus all utility customers paying for it (via their utility rates) whether they use the online bill payment program or not. Therefore, utility customers who choose to use the online bill payment feature will be charged a convenience fee.     

Besides using this new on-line service that charges a convenience fee, what other ways can I pay my utility bill?

Customers have the following options to pay their utility bill:

  • Pay electronically using their bank’s online bill pay procedures 
  • SGWASA accepts cash, check, cashier’s check, or credit/debit card payments at our Administrative Office (bill pay lobby) located at 415 Central Ave, Ste B, Butner NC 27509. 
  • By placing your check in the drop box located in our parking lot. 
    • When paying in the drop box, please remember to include your payment voucher or write your account number, name, service address, and a valid contact telephone number on the envelope to ensure proper posting of your payment.
  • Bank Draft – allows pre-authorized debits from your bank account.
  • By mailing your check to SGWASA at 415 Central Ave., Suite B, Butner NC 27509. 
Where can I find more information about paying my utility bill via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) method?

See the Automatic Payment Options forms at the following SGWASA Existing Customers - Utility Billing Services website:

Billing Services